The OESIS Network of 600+ Independent Schools began with a focus on online and blended learning. We are a teacher network of thousands of teachers who have been collaborating on how to change their pedagogy to include online and other 21st century practices. We have launched this summer network initiative because it is clear that our students in 2020 will need greater support this summer online, because we have the knowledge to ensure quality in the delivery of the tutoring and classes and because we see schools benefiting too from building more online courses as this methodology comes of age.

Can we know which teachers are available before we commit?

Yes, you may complete this Student Registration of Interest Form and we will contact you with your options. 

Who are the teachers?

They come from independent schools in our network. These teachers most importantly are online instruction trained and will naturally have the academic qualifications necessary. If you want one of your teachers to join, please ask them to first complete this form: Teacher Application Form

 Who provides the technology platforms for the course?

OESIS generally provides the live instructional platform and the Learning Management System: we use Canvas, Portfolium and Zoom.

Are these courses accredited?

The courses provided by the schools carry a Transcript under the school's accreditation. The student enrichment courses are designed by OESIS Network Leaders and carry an OESIS Badge credential that lives in a student portfolio that we also provide.

Can we cancel?

You may cancel the course enrollments before they start and you may cancel the tutoring package after the first planning meeting with the Tutor at no cost to you.

What is the relationship with the teacher?

Teachers and students are in regular contact during the course and connect with classmates too: live discussions online, email, text, and video chat, are used in  combination weekly as well as scheduled virtual office hours. As with all independent school teachers prompt responsiveness to student needs are embedded in the culture.

What is the pacing?

The credit courses are not self-paced but weekly-paced with assignment deadlines and expectations. This is also true for the Tutoring plans.  The electives and enrichment classes are self-paced with instructor supervision.